Productions IMproved
"Osuš oko Milouši, no to se natočí!"

Productions IMproved is a small group of film fans who are interested in making amateur films (various types and genres). Founded in 2003 originally named 'G8cz'. Our goal was to make the first Czech Stargate SG-1 fanfilm (a movie 'from fans for fans' based on a famous TV series). We wrote the script and and after gathering of the props and costumes we finally made the film itself. The premiere of our 'Stargejt – Duty Call for Team 8.5' at the Chotěboř convention Gatecon 04 (, was followed by a huge success among the czech fans. We were really proud and started to prepare a sequel. But one better and technologically advanced. The sequel called 'Stargejt Time Raider' - exclusive premiere at this year´s Gatecon 2005 was successful again.
Summer 2005 was dedicated to yet another movie. Movie that should be completely different! "Adventurers from Saarlouis" (at first it should be the last part of Stargejt trilogy). The film was released on 17th March 2006. It´s mass premiere is scheduled to be a part of Festival Fantazie 06. Brand new movie - Royal Flush is being shot in summer 2006. This comic book drama is again something new and exciting. Stay tuned for 2007 premiere.

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